Interview with Catherine Thompson

By Kyle Abbott. Deep in the mountains of Thailand, we meet up with Bachido member (and shamisen builder) Catherine Thompson! [read more]


ShamiCamp: Tokyo (2017)

By Kyle Abbott. Want to learn shamisen skills, meet other shamisen enthusiasts and visit Japan? Now you can do all three! ShamiCamp returns to Tokyo for the second time! [read more]


TATAKI: Taiko & Shamisen Workshop Series

By Kyle Abbott. Wanna check out a cool event in California? Learn how to play both Taiko and Shamisen in this new workshop series! [read more]


Stretching with Coach Anne!

By Anne Liljedahl. Staying strong plays a big role in achieving comfort while maintaining a consistent strong yet tone. Let Coach Anne show you how! [read more]


How to Tune the Shamisen

By Kyle Abbott. When Kyle says, "Tune your shamisen to the key of C.", how do you know when your shamisen is actually in the key of C? Read on to find out! [read more]


Bachido Chats: Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos

By Kyle Abbott. Earlier this year, I met up with Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos - A master shakuhachi player who started taking on the shamisen with great dedication and passion! [read more]


Learn a Shamisen Solo from Kubo!

By Kyle Abbott. Learn Kevin's solo arrangement from Kubo and the Two Strings! [read more]


Kubo and the Two Strings

By Kyle Abbott. Did you know an amazing stop-motion animation movie is being made about a shamisen-wielding champ? Read more to find out! [read more]


ShamiCamp: Berlin (A Look Back)

By Kyle Abbott. In June 2016, Bachido teamed up with the passionate shamisen enthusiasts of 'Shamisen Berlin e.V' to bring ShamiCamp to Berlin! [read more]


The Minyo Collection

By Kyle Abbott. We have a wonderful new resource here at Bachido! Look inside and find out! [read more]


Scale and Chord Charts

By Denver Norwood. This blog post is intended to provide my fellow players with chord charts and scales for the Tsugaru shamisen. [read more]


All Star Shamisen Experience (Video)

By Kyle Abbott. Check out footage from the April 17th All Star Shamisen Experience concert! [read more]


ShamiCamp: California (A Look Back)

By Kyle Abbott. Check out pictures and video from ShamiCamp: California (2016)! [read more]


ShamiCamp: Berlin (2016)

By Kyle Abbott. Bachido members of the EU, we are coming to you! Bachido has teamed with "Shamisen Berlin e.V." and together we're bringing ShamiCamp to Germany!! [read more]


Son of a Bachi Gomu

By Dave Perkins. Bachido member Dave Perkins shares some pro tips for making custom Bachi Gomu, as well as a cool trick for slipping on the rubber gomu! (Rubber Bachi Gomu are Infamous for being incredibly difficult and frustrating to stretch on the bachi) [read more]

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Episode 100:

Team Bachido

International shamisen attack! To appropriately celebrate the 100th episode of the Bachido Blogcast, we take a look at Team Bachido descending upon on the Tsugaru Shamisen Sekai Taikai in Hirosaki to take first place! As Kevin said, "If anything in the history of Bachido has truly been blogworthy, this is it!" Check it out! Watch.
Part 2 of Sid's 'Tsugaru in Ireland' episode, followed with a little shami-jazz at the local bistro! Watch.
It's a special day here at Bachido! We are honored with a delightful visit from CAD extraordinaire Brian Chan! Watch.

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