Bachi on the Horn (E11) - "Talkin' Taikai with the Shamisensation"

By Kyle Abbott. Today, we're talking about shamisen tournaments with my special guest, Grant 'Shamisensation' Reimer! [read more]


TATAKI: Taiko & Shamisen Workshop Series

By Kyle Abbott. Wanna check out a cool event in California? Learn how to play both Taiko and Shamisen in this new workshop series! [read more]


Bachi on the Horn (E08~E10) - "Eien Hunter-Ishikawa"

By Kyle Abbott. After a month filled with workshops and family celebrations, our good friend and colleague Eien Hunter-Ishikawa visited Bachido headquarters! [read more]


Building a Shamisen

By Kyle Abbott. "Next time you build a shamisen, I'm gonna come to your house and learn how to make one too.", said my friend at a local Japanese dance group. "Sure!" I said, even though I was thinking... [read more]


ShamiCamp: Tokyo 2017 (A Look Back)

By Kyle Abbott. Check out shots and video from our most recent ShamiCamp! [read more]


Bachi on the Horn (E07) - "Taikai Judges - Ft. Gerry McGoldrick!"

By Kyle Abbott. In this special guest episode of Bachi on the Horn, Gerry gives fascinating insight about the judging process at Tsugaru Shamisen national tournaments, where not all judges actually have shamisen experience. Why is this? Listen and find out! [read more]


Bachi on the Horn (E06) - "Question from Karl!"

By Kyle Abbott. Today, Mike and Kyle open the ol' shitsumon-bukuro (Question Bag) and address a partial question posed by Karl Hedlund! [read more]


Bachi on the Horn (E05) - "What is good feedback?"

By Kyle Abbott. Whether we are choosing a new shirt or notes for our new composition, we often seek the advice of others to help affirm our decisions. Choosing the right friend to ask advice from is almost an art in of itself! [read more]


BotH (E04) - "You must be so excited!" Pt. 2

By Kyle Abbott. Part two of our conversation about the dynamic of our professional shamisen career with the media! [read more]


Bachi on the Horn (E03) - "You must be so excited!"

By Kyle Abbott. When playing shamisen at a professional level, it's common to get questions posed from a level of excitement that usually isn't asked to guitar players. What questions are those? Listen on! [read more]


Bachi on the Horn (E02) - Composition

By Kyle Abbott. [read more]


Bachi on the Horn (E01) - Pilot

By Kyle Abbott. Certified Bachido Instructor Mike Penny and I have started our own shamisen podcast! [read more]


Interview with Catherine Thompson

By Kyle Abbott. Deep in the mountains of Thailand, we meet up with Bachido member (and shamisen builder) Catherine Thompson! [read more]


ShamiCamp: Tokyo (2017)

By Kyle Abbott. Want to learn shamisen skills, meet other shamisen enthusiasts and visit Japan? Now you can do all three! ShamiCamp returns to Tokyo for the second time! [read more]


Stretching with Coach Anne!

By Anne Liljedahl. Staying strong plays a big role in achieving comfort while maintaining a consistent strong yet tone. Let Coach Anne show you how! [read more]

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