By Kyle Abbott on August 08, 2017

Bachi on the Horn (E02) - Composition

Mike Penny and I have started our very first official shamisen podcast called Bachi on the Horn!

In part two of their first podcast discussion, Mike and Kyle continue delving into their theories and mindsets about composition with shamisen and music in general, often catching themselves in contradictions! Contradictions which show how deep composition is, and that there's so many ways to approach the subject.

In future podcasts, I will take note of topics, artists or songs (etc) which are mentioned in the podcast and provide links to these blog posts. It will only get better!

Have any topic suggestions for future podcast episodes? Please write in the comments below! Mike and I are eager to address your questions!

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After a long, fun-filled night at 'Dadan' (the minyo sakaba), we wake up the next day to return to the Tsugaru Shamisen Zenkoku Taikai in Hirosaki!! One major highlight of the day was Jamie introducing himself to Kenichi Yoshida (of the Yoshida Brothers) and showing his skill to him. That doesn't happen every day! Watch.
Wrapping up before heading to Sapporo (Japan). Explosives at the end! Watch.

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