By Kyle Abbott on August 29, 2017

Bachi on the Horn (E05) - "What is good feedback?"

Whether we are choosing a new shirt or notes for our new composition, we often seek the advice of others to help affirm our decisions. Ideally, I (Kyle Abbott) believe that feedback is best used as a tool to help turn my artistic vision into reality. For doing this, it's essential to have a friend who's tastes and advice you can trust. Someone who is able to put their own preferences aside, understand what your vision is, and offer suggestions from their individual viewpoint to help express the most from your vision. (Rather than suggest changing the piece simply to match their own personal tastes). That's just my opinion. Let's hear what Mike thinks too!

Episode References

Long live the misanthrope
Adam Stacey
Leaving Forever
Sou Da Ne
Posing with the graffiti in Miami
John, Carl and Kyle (The picture Mike mentioned near the end

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