By Kyle Abbott on December 06, 2017

Bachi on the Horn (E08~E10) - "Eien Hunter-Ishikawa"

After a month filled with workshops and family celebrations, our good friend and colleague Eien Hunter-Ishikawa visited Bachido headquarters! It's been 1.5 years since his last visit, and was a real pleasure to hang out, sample fine beverages and as always, engage in long conversations about our careers in the wagakki world.

While Eien was in town, we brought him on as a guest for Bachi on the Horn! This three-part episode includes discussions and insights on teaching methods, as well as marveling about how broad and yet interwoven the hougaku (Traditional Japanese Music) world is.

Part 1

##Part 2

Part 3, Links & References

Wanna listen to Part 3 and check out links to references made on this podcast? Go to Eien Hunter-Ishikawa's blog! -

For those who missed it, here is the conversation back when we first met.

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