The Bachido Blogcast, Episode 100:

Team Bachido

International shamisen attack! To appropriately celebrate the 100th episode of the Bachido Blogcast, we take a look at Team Bachido descending upon on the Tsugaru Shamisen Sekai Taikai in Hirosaki to take first place! As Kevin said, “If anything in the history of Bachido has truly been blogworthy, this is it!” Check it out!

Afterwards, I briefly reflect on the past and share a teaser about an exciting new weekly shamisen webinar, exclusively at Bachido! Be very excite, folks!

Many thanks for everyone's support and dedication with Bachido! If all goes well, this is only the beginning of the exciting journey we will all have at Bachido!

Bachi on!!

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I finally watched it after having saved that blogcast on purpose for a relaxed and right moment :)

awesome and truly a spectacular journey that bachido has taken … so far :)

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