The Bachido Blogcast, Episode 101:

Introducing Reigen Fujii

I had the great pleasure to stay with Aomori champion Reigen Fujii! Having bought my book to learn how to make a shamisen himself, it was great to finally meet this young prodigy and listen to his thoughts on shamisen, as well as his own skill himself!

In the first part of this episode, Reigen san demonstrates how chords can compliment standard tsugaru pieces, including Tsugaru Jonkara. After a short interview about him and his introduction to chords, Reigen san concludes with a jazz performance of Spain! Ole!

Very fun to finally meet! And what's more? He wants to make Bachido instructional courses to help others learn how to add chords to shamisen! Mega excite!

Note: It was midnight and I was hit hard with jet lag.

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Truly inspiration, Reigen!!! :-)

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