The Bachido Blogcast, Episode 34:

Gadgetbox Studios - Part 2

Day two of final mixing, and we plowed through as many songs as we could! Here are some highlights.

I'll be going back next month to correct a few things (raising the shamisen volume on the second panflute song, for example), mix a few more, and then the final mastering! Ideally, it should be ready in two months! Look forward!


Sounds like it's going to be good! Unfortunately the sound was stuttering for me in this video :/ I agree on the shamisen being too quiet in the second panflute song, but the mastering is doing wonders overall.


Thanks Karl! Yeah, as of yesterday, Kevin's been listening to all the tracks and taking notes. We've concluded that the shamisen needs to pop out more (volume wise) during solo time.

Wouldn't it be epic to have a tour with this material! :-P (though we'd need like 12 musicians for it to sound the same)


Loving it! Really great to see the contrast!


I can add that the stuttering has something to do with my work computer so don't worry about it.

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