The Bachido Blogcast, Episode 35:

Kevin's Santa Cruz Attack! - Part 1

Active Bachido member Kevin Kmetz came back to his second-homeland of Santa Cruz to rediscover his roots!

After his first week in Eugene Oregon, he descended to Santa Cruz. He entered the Bachido studio and, after recovering from a bad case of 'The Giggles', filmed Crash Courses of his signature techniques which caught the eye of Masahiro Nitta many years ago.

Another anticipated experience, Kevin tries his signature coffee, Creamy Kevin, for the first time!


you guys crack me up XD


hehe coffee overdose??? i recently stopped drinking coffee, its been two weeks without it, drinking green tea instead..


Amanda, it was a pretty hilarious time, especially in the studio. ;)

Sid, you should come to Santa Cruz sometime. I can make you an espresso so stellar, you'd never even think of stopping. :)
I do want to try making a Maccha latte sometime.


I have been working in the coffee shop for long time so can appreciate good espresso as well as latte-art.. recently my coffee drinking habits got really bad and i became a real coffee-junkie. so i quit.
yummy Macha latte, i love that one, cant get it here though, I suppose i could just make it.. will try to make a really strong green tea, kinda ocha espresso and top it up with milk. might be nice…


Oh God! You are going to have so many bloopers from the new course vids!

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