The Bachido Blogcast, Episode 37:

The BH Taxi Driver Song

In this special, early edition of the Bachido Blogcast, we feature the first official rendition of the BH Taxi Driver Song - a tribute to active Bachido member BH.

We love ya, buddy! Though we've never seen your face, your wild taxi stories and forum activity makes you a splendid part of the family! :-)


Tips his hat


awesome … although “a big contributor to the forum” I feel overly honored by this awesome composition and performance not to mention Karl's inspired line and most of all the BH chant :)

I think the latest taxi story worth mentioning was a young friendly drunk guy who stepped inside outside a local shopping mall for a 81 euros ride and also did happily pay the fare after ringing a door bell to no avail and crawling through a half open cellar window …

other than that taxi driving has been a rather uneventful time recently which after all though is also not that bad a thing :)

anyway the serious and camera shy austrian taxi driver says thanks a lot Kevin, Kyle, Grant and Shmoolik and is inspired to bachi on also to contribute at least a kuroishi yosare clip soon …



Song is so inspiring! Their bachi are just shining at the sunlight!


(slide explained in second half of the clip)

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