The Bachido Blogcast, Episode 62:

Team Bachido - Part 5 (Assembling the Team)

After reenacting Kevin's hunt for his car keys, we head off to pick up Josh and Kyoko at the station!

Though it wasn't very well expressed in the video, meeting Josh and Kyoko was a very surreal experience, as both are active members of the Bachido Community and now finally in person!

Continuing in the awesomeness, we stroll down to Circle K to meet with Patrick, another awesome player who I hadn't seen in three years (which was when I first met him.) He was certainly used to the blog camera rolling, as even when we were hanging out in 2010, I was constantly filming for 'The Abbott-y Blogcast'. ;)

That night, we ran through Ninjari Ban Ban, which we might as well call the theme song for this year's tour.

Lastly, 4:30am! Travis, Adrian, and I were still awake. (I mean, this time was so special, why waste it sleeping?) Knowing that Kevin usually wakes up at 4am for optimal creativity, we thought we'd go to his house to say hi. Results wasn't what I expected, but I still say it was worth it.

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