The Bachido Blogcast, Episode 66:

Team Bachido - Part 6 (Mobilization)

It's the day before we head off to the Hirosaki Zenkoku Taikai. Everyone's intently practicing their individual division piece (Jonkara Bushi) while Adrian, Travis and Kyle (who have not entered the indiv. division this year) are up at 3~4am again, making sure that a single hour of the tour, nor drop of sake, is wasted.

Later on, Bachido members Chen san, Shishido san, Sakamoto san, Tsuboi san all arrive in Misawa and so we all pile in the Bachido Party Van and head out to the reserved training hall. There we meet with the Nitta parents and practice Kita no Hibiki for the first time as a group! (Up until this point, everyone has been practicing alone with notation)

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