The Bachido Blogcast, Episode 7:

Blowtorch Roasting

Last week, my friend expressed an interest in blowtorching coffee beans. Having a blowtorch in the shop, I figured, why not? Needless to say, the results were blogworthy. You may be asking, “Kyle, what does this have to do with shamisen?” Espresso is indeed very much shamisen-related. I play shamisen, so I am somewhat shamisen-related. And I also like espresso, so espresso is shamisen-related by association! :-P

James has a really fun coffee blog, which I've been starting to make articles for. If you like anything coffee related, it's well worth a look -

Though this doesn't necessarily relate to the video, it just came to mind: Note how many activities/tasks in life can relate and help completely opposite things. The example for shamisen: They say the way to practice bachi technique is cutting through a daikon (hard radish) with a knife in one slice (at least that's what Kevin told me). Thus, the way activities benefit completely different activities.

For a personal example, I can attest that my dabbling in espresso has been recently benefiting subtle bachi technique. The awareness of pressure used in tamping the coffee has made me more aware of pressure used when pushing the bachi down to the strings. :)

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