The Bachido Blogcast, Episode 75:

Team Bachido - Part 13 (Post-Stage Attack Debriefing!)

Otsukaresama~!! Kevin, Jamie, Josh and I ran out to the lobby to congratulate Grant, Anne and Patrick for their performance in the individual division!

After regaining composure, Team Bachido gathers together and heads out to Fujimirando, the ryokan where we'd be staying and shenaniganing in for the next two nights.

Lastly, we jump ahead 5 months later, to yesterday. Adrian came over to show off his beautiful kouki shamisen which he just received from the Bachido Store! It's a dream come true for him! I am super stoked about it as well. It is really an incredible sounding shamisen, which means I too will be enjoying the great tone whenever I play next to him!

Wanting a kouki shamisen just like Adrian? Let me know, and/or check out the Bachido Store! (

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