The Bachido Blogcast, Episode 99:

The Bachido Taikai

With the 100th episode just around the corner, we're skipping right to the two biggest events Bachido has seen. Starting with, the Bachido Taikai!

What tremendous fun that day was! Firstly, we had a Team Bachido practice to rehearse Kita no Hibiki, complete with Kevin's composed dynamic points. Afterwards, the Taikai started!
This was a great, bonding time. It was treated like a real taikai, except supportive rather than competitive. Most everyone got on stage to play originals, improvs and group pieces. Afterwards, we went back to Kevin's Stronghold for his surprise to us - a delicious Bachido cake! (coming soon to the Bachido Store?)

If there's anything I'd like to see happen more in the coming years, it is things like this. Supportive group shamisen sessions and Bachido cakes!

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