By Kyle Abbott on June 18, 2016

The Minyo Collection

We have a wonderful new resource here at Bachido! Bachido Certified Instructor Aki Takahashi has spent years compiling a video catalog of traditional Japanese folk songs, for the purpose of encouraging others to learn to sing and play them too, as well as preserve these incredible songs (many of which are passed down orally, not often recorded). She has been uploading her minyo (folk song) videos on youtube, and has generously allowed me to host her amazing 200+ song collection on Bachido!

Check out The Minyo Collection ! (At the bottom of the School page, just below the Crash Course)

With an easy-to-use search bar, you can search for any folk songs you may have heard, or you can just scroll through over two hundred videos at your leisure!

We hope you enjoy Aki's videos, and even more so, we hope you're inspired to try singing and playing them too.

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I listened to some stuff
It reminds me of some old people in Italy

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