Can Left Handers Play Shamisen?

By Kyle Abbott. Since establishing Bachido in 2011, one common yet specific question I receive is, “Can I play shamisen as a left-hander, or is right-handed the only way?”. Let's find out! [read more]


Shamisen: A Mindful Activity

By Kristine Conley. Starting later in life with little musical background, Kristi transformed her life by starting the shamisen! Read more and learn how you can too! [read more]


Concept of Flavors

By Kyle Abbott. Recently, one of our shamisen students noticed that Adrian and I always begin solos far from the koma (bridge), starting with a quiet sound. He wondered why we do that? Let's find out why! [read more]


Hajiki - Consisent Tone

By Kyle Abbott. Executing hajiki (pull-off) with our ring finger can accidentally turn it into a hammer-on. Why? Let's find out! [read more]


ShamiCamp: California (2016)

By Kyle Abbott. Everything you need to know for attending ShamiCamp: California! [read more]


ShamiCamp: Tokyo (2015)

By Kyle Abbott. Check out pictures from our first ShamiCamp! [read more]


Review of Kuboki Juuichirou's Tsugaru Shamisen Famous Songs Compilation

By Shmoolik Kalabasa. I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on this shamisen textbook I brought over from Japan, as I've been sucked into it and have been using it for about 2 months now... [read more]


The Tsugaru-jamisen: Its Origins, Construction, and Music

By Gerry McGoldrick. Gerry McGoldrick wrote his 2005 Master's thesis on Tsugaru shamisen. It's quite detailed. [read more]


Embracing Embarrassment - Part 2

By Kevin Kmetz. Part 2 of 2 of Kevin's foray into playing “super cheesy new Jpop music.” [read more]


Embracing Embarrassment - Part 1

By Kevin Kmetz. “Within seconds I found myself assaulted by the most obnoxious Jpop music I think I had ever heard in my life. Good Lord! What have I gotten myself into?” [read more]


Shaping Your Bachi Handle

By Kyle Abbott. To safely execute solid bachi technique, you should have a bachi that fits your hand comfortably without struggle. This might mean you have to make some modifications... [read more]


The Nature of Tsugaru Jongara bushi

By Kevin Kmetz. ...for those of you who wish to dive into the heart of Tsuagru Shamisen, a deeper understanding of the nature of Aomori prefecture will produce a tremendous increase in joy, excitement and insight as you pursue the development of your own Jongara bushi... [read more]


How I Met Masahiro Nitta - Part 1

By Kevin Kmetz. “I tried my best not to sound awkward but began to imagine I might be failing.” [read more]


Repairing a Chipped Bachi

By Kyle Abbott. Oh no, your bachi chipped! Fortunately, it's very easy to repair, taking less than 5~10 minutes to do so. Here's how. [read more]


Planet Earth Shamisen: "Introducing Kevin" & "Observing Tsugaru"

By Kevin Kmetz. When I was 14 years old I became aware of a fascinating musical art form called Tsugaru Shamisen. Growing up as a foreigner in Japan... [read more]

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