Chord & Scale Charts for Shamisen

Bachido member Denver Norwood contributed his charts for those who are into scales or who want to learn chords on shamisen. These PDFs are a wide variety of scale charts (minor scales, blues scales, gypsy, greek, etc) and a Chord chart.

Note: These are Denver's own works. They have neither been checked, corrected nor offered by Bachido in any way. I am uploading the links for now until we set up the website for people to upload images/files themselves. Also, scales are quite advanced (even I barely understand the theory), so if you are a beginner reading these, don't be discouraged if you can't understand them.

And without further ado, here they are!

Minor Scale -

Major Scale -

Blues Scale -

Greek Scale -

World Music Scales -

Japanese Scales -

Japanese Scales (cont) -

Chord Chart -

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Hi Denver,

Awesome work, would be eager to check them out!

I guess you could just upload them to a file sharing service like Google Drive, or so and post the link here. In case there's any updates that would be a more straightforward process.


Anybody got a copy of these they could share?


Here you go! Courtesy of Joel Balaestra, who gave the link to me.

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Here you go! Courtesy of Joel Balaestra, who gave the link to me.

Sweeeeeeeeeeet, thank you so much! You Sir, have saved me much time and frustration figuring this out on my own. You should be very proud of you!


Haha, you're welcome. And thanks, but none of this is my own design - the original author of the charts is Denver Norwood.

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