Forming a Bachido App Team! (sticky)

Calling all Bachido geeks!

Over the past 3-ish years, technologically savvy Bachido members have offered to help make a Bachido app. However, it's been very difficult to actually get something off the ground.

I just realized that just like playing shamisen alone, making an app all by yourself can be difficult and not all that inspiring. The Bachido community has a team spirit which encourages us all to keep playing and get better. Well, with this feeling in mind, I propose that we form a Bachido App Team!

Working as a team would make the process a fun group project, inspiring and encouraging each other while making something great! It's also a way to bond members together.

If you have coding skills and thinking working on a Bachido app team would be cool, voice your thoughts below! :)

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Ah, so it's an app for shamisen… There are few!


yes it's a virtual shamisen sao app for android phones called shamisen player and you can already find it on google play also by simply searching for shamisen there … as I understand you are blind from a comment you made in another forum post : when you start the app the virtual sao screen with a lot of buttons to play notes is loaded immediately and ready to play. under the virtual sao is an additional row of buttons for some additional sounds and the last button in the low right corner leads to another page of the app with only some greetings and basic information text so in case you hit that button by accident you can also get back to the action screen by touching the general back button of your phone …


Years ago a friend of mine downloaded on her phone (Samsung) an app called perfect piano, where she could download all instrument she wanted. I didn't have a phone :)
I have an iPhone, because this kind of phone is more accessible for blind people and all blind I know use iPhones


Do you have any concepts put together? I've got a couple of apps that I've written and I think I can help. I would be more help on the code side though, I'm not much for making it look pretty haha! I'm actually the one who wrote the Misawa DSN Converter that everyone uses on base


What's the Misawa etc etc?

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