Major repair job

really excited, saved up some pennies to get this (much like B H's post) and i have a pile of wood on my floor that i'm hoping will one day be a shamisen.

so here we go:

Yes this poor thing is all there is.
Is it me or does this look TINY as parts??

Going to skin using a combo method of tarp clips, s hook and car jack, haven't decided on a scissor jack or a hydraulic lever jack yet.

Going to use goat skin in medium thickness

titebond liquid hide glue to glue the initial dou together and then wood glue on the nakago and tenjin joints before clamping

needs new strings, neo, doukake, itomaki (where the heck will i find those???), was also wondering if a layer of shellac (french polish) would be okay on it or to stick with the camellia oil….

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Day three:


Just took off all the clips and off the rig…only half the glue stuck the hide down and lost all the tension (after it was a perfect tone as well)
What other glues could I use? I am wary of pva's

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Ohh no! I'm assuming you're using mochiko glue?

Noriko would be the best alternative to that, despite the PVA additive. If you're against using that, I've seen someone use hide glue and said it worked well. Others have suggested just soaking the skin to get the glue off, giving the dou a light sanding to get it off of that, and giving it another go with the mochiko, especially since this is a nagauta.


Hmm okays, I have some liquid hide glue I can try as well as making more mochiko. If I hate either I'll try and get some Noriko if I can when I'm in London for a day in a week or so


Hide glue is setting now, managed to eventually get the right tone back after a bajillion times of putting clips back on, only thing is, looks like it stained the skin :(


Ah darn! But at least it works, I guess. Good luck!

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