Shamisen Player App

Shamisen Player the app for Android is available on Google Play …

(App by BH * Shamisen Sounds by Karl Hedlund * App Icons by Alessandro Zecca)

Some virtual shamisen fun for free and without ads and even with a few easter egg features.

Check it out and I should also dare to say share your opinion … :)

Anyway this is the first app I ever made and a lot of thanks of course to Karl who already earlier had done note for note sound recordings of his shamisen which he shared for use in this app and also a lot of thanks to Ale for helping out in the graphics department creating the app icons.

(as for that colorful shamisen graphic I officially bought or licensed it for this project from another artist and you can also download a wallpaper version of it for your personal use … )

Cheers and of course I hope you are having some fun with that app …

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Oy, I'm ashamed with how long it took me to try out Shamisen Player! :-( However, I finally downloaded it on this relaxing Sunday!

Hey, that's pretty awesome! I like the simplicity, just the notes, sounds, and some effects. :) I think an app like this is great for composing new shamisen songs.

Perhaps it's similar to a writer having a story idea, but then loses the idea when he picks up a pen. With me, sometimes I have a song idea but by the time I unwrap my shamisen, put in the koma, put on the yubikake and bachi, the inspiration weakens. (Almost like there's too much pressure)

Well, with this, when an idea for a melody comes, I can just tap it out and hear how it would sound on shamisen. Just tapping it out the moment a melody comes to mind takes a lot of pressure away and seems increase the chance of any creative ideas coming to full fruition!

Plus, just hitting random notes also sparked ideas for new melodies too!

Great work, BH, Karl and Ale!!! :-D


Thanks a lot and also for your review on google play too … :)

while the app does not offer a performance worthy shamisen playing experience on the go I am very glad to hear that the composing aid aspect about it could even be found useful by advanced players on the go … :)

as for beginners I think it also allows exploring and composing somewhat beyond the technical abilities they may already have on their actual shamisen as they may find it easier in the app to quickly try out more as for finding cool basic melodies … or one can use it on the go to practice with regard to better memorizing some tune one is in the process of learning from tabulature at home … and finally for folks who are interested in shamisen but don't have a shamisen yet it is certainly already a lot more interactive than watching clips on youtube and therefore should overall be fun enough for them too …

(sorry in case that could come across as me using a lot of words to praise my own app here haha but well those are my thoughts on the app and its genesis and I guess that's all :)

Cheers and again thanks everyone …


But, when you compose thepossible piece/s for shamisen in this app, can you directly edit them?


oh no the app is only for playing and playing with ideas when your shamisen is elsewhere there is no editor for recording or creating notation so don't worry you don't miss out on THAT much by not having an android phone :)


So I have released Shamisen Player Pro a day ago … ;)

Seriously I think this is the one and only version one should have and it also is the cheapest Shamisen available.

Go play and have a splendid weekend and in case you go for the Pro version thank you :)

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