Bachido LIVE stream on Youtube!

Hey folks!
After lots of experimentation, I have finally got a decent live stream started! Check out the first official stream I made in the workshop, showing the skinning process -

Personally, I'm very excited about this. Though you might not know it, a lot of Bachido work is spent on the computer, not playing shamisen. ;-) This has been mostly due to making videos. Any lesson video I make requires at least three times as much editing time as it took to film it. As I move forward in life, I would prefer to spend more time playing shamisen, not clicking the mouse to edit shamisen videos. ;)

That's why I'm so thrilled about the Live streams! Once I start the stream, I can bring my content directly to you instantly! No time wasted on editing or uploading, just direct to shamisen enthusiasts (and others!)

Very soon, I am going to make an official schedule and timetable so you will know exactly when to tune in for shamisen entertainment. :)

Bachi on!!

Edited Mar 7, 2017 by Kyle Abbott

Looks awesome! I look forward to it!


About the balance between the computer and the art, we had an interersting discussion about it yesterday in a Group Coaching Workshop I was attending. I could only remember you mentionned it in this video when it started.

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