Being blind.. that's sad...

I cannot PM people by myself. Could you help me? When I click to the “to” editation field, I enter the name of the people I want to contact, but there is Always an error, saying I cannotPM, because the recipient is empty


Hey Sakura,

When you click “to” field and you start typing, a list of names that match will appear.

I'm not sure about your internet software, but in order to use PMs I think you need to choose from the list.


I do it allready, but, when I type the person's name I want to write to, bachido reports an error saying “couldn't send your message”. It appears everytime I write conversations. So, basically, I can't


If you visit a member's page, there's a link to “Send Message” that pops up a new message modal and pre-fills the “to” field with that member. If the pop-up modal dialog isn't accessible, an alternative is to open the “Send Message” link in a new tab.

Does that help?

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