Teacherlist changes

I'd love to make a suggestion, to organize better the map of shamisen teachers all around the world, to favorize blind accessibility
I think you can also build a site in which there is the teacher lists (not bachido instrudcors, but the teacherlist around the world)
I would suggest to build the site also for blind people, who can access bachido, and cannot see the map, or also to be more organized
I suggest to organize the site as Jem Cleins' shakuhachi site is
1) You click the “teacher” list
2) You click a specific lucation
3) You see the teachers, and email/contact the desired one
The teacher profile is it:
1) Name (real/staage art name)
2) Speciality
3) Location (more specificly)
4) Phone/mobile number (if not, email can supply)
5) Email (if not, phone can supply)
6) Website (if the teacher doesn't have, social can supply)
7) Socian profiles (if not, it's the same)
Thank you for understanding, and I hope to be listened

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