New Kid in Bachido

Greetings everyone!

My name is Peach Jam.

I am a new and slowly progressing shamisen player from the east coast. I am very thankful for the Bachido community because I dont have very many friends who play shamisen or have even heard of one for that matter.

I have just recently acquired my first shamisen through the blackhole gate way known as “ebay”. I purchased what I understand to be as a nagauta shamisen for the price of 60 usd. After what seemed like an eternity, my shamisen's two month long travel from japan had finally arrived at my door step.

After unpacking I was happy to find that everything had made it through transit safely. Except for the mounting peg on the “shimo-zao” which had snapped and was lightly hanging on. Heartbroken but not deterred I applied a few layers of wood glue and it has regained almost all stability.

The only parts I need now are a bachi, koma, and a set of strings. I really must thank Bachido's store for suppling everything a beginner like me would need to start playing. I look forward to the time when my shamisen will be complete and I am even more excited to begin playing and practicing the different techniques.

I have attached a few photos of the shamisen from the original listing and I have a rather entertaining question coming soon once I can find my camera.

Again, thank you so much for having a community like Bachido where I can learn from great instrument players, have my questions answered, and maybe find someone to play with.

I will try and answer any questions to the best of my ability, please dont be a stranger.

Best Regards,



Hullo, PJ.

Welcome to Bachido!

Judging by your pictures, you've definitely got a nagauta (and a particularly thin necked one by the look of it!). Neat!

That skin will need to be replaced if you want to play on it, getting in touch with Mr. Kyle Abbott is probably the best option there. You could also do it yourself, if you happen to have the tools.

Depending on the condition of the leather, you could also stitch it closed as a make-shift option (search up Franken-shammy on the forums here for an example of someone doing so).

I'll be watching this thread and will try to answer whatever questions I can.



Welcome aboard! 
I hope you enjoy your shamisen journey!
We're all here to help :D


Hey ya'll

Quick update.

I asked a very special request from an old colleague of mine who runs a 3D printing company. We all know that its not how good you can play the shamisen but how fancy your itomaki are, em I right?

So that being said I'm excited to test out the durability of these itomaki designed by “christheviolanerd”. the file can be found here:

I recently saw someone who was selling the original plans above for 3.00 usd. Dont be fooled this file is open source and free to download and use.

I will be away for a month so I cannot properly test them until mid July when I return. but the photo below is what my friend sent me and I think they look so fantastic!




Oh I only saw it now!!!! Welcome anyway!


Welcome to bachido!


Welcome to Bachido! :)


Hope you will post something to make us hear!

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