Friday the 13th!! (and a message after loooooooooong time)

Hallo Bachido!!

It has been so long since I have visited here last time! Like more than 2years or something. I used to be here a lot when I was living outside of Japan, Bachido was my teacher and friend and a great source of advice and guidance!! Thank you very much for all that! Since I have moved to Japan couple of years ago, I study here and get most of the info I need from local that is why I have neglected Bachido a bit lately.

Well, recently I started to be in contact with Kyle on Facebook and exchanged a few massages. Now, that he is coming to Japan in October, we will finally meet!! yeah! I have been a member of Bachido since 2011 so I know about Kyle for about 6years now.. yes and finally it is time to meet!! Whats more we will play a concert together here in Yokohama, on the October, Friday the 13th!!! Kyle and I, accompanied by a local percussionist Junzo Tateiwa…

So yes, all of you who are coming to Tokyo in October for Bachido Camp, if possible try staying a bit longer and come and enjoy the special Friday the 13th with us!!

If anybody has an idea for a good Event title for the concert please let us know,, I know there is plenty of creative people here..ha???

and one more thing , for those who are staying in Tokyo already, here are two posters for our events this month with Junzo, so you guys can come and check out what we have been up to these days!!! hope to make some video for you!!! cheers


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The exorcist. What about it?


oo that one seems great!! any other? anybody?


How about the theme from Halloween? That's gotta be a fun one to play! Tricky though, not sure if I could do that haha


I just thought of the x files theme melody..that is also quite creepy ..could be good to try


Or, for example, you can re-arrange a song by VOCALOID, righart's theory

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