First attempt at DIY bachi

Hi !

I previously saw the post of Chung Wan Choi about a bekko bachi DIY, and I've decided to make mine.
For french people, I've found a site where sheets of cellulose acetate are sold :

This bachi is not perfect but I can play with it and it's much better than the old one (one cheap of Ebay, kind of rotten wood…)
Chung Wan Choi thank you for your blog/post ;p

PS : I have small hands…that's why my bachi seems that small ;)

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Good job. It's harder than it looks. :)


My belt sander is dead for now, so much more difficult to do but I'll do my best ;)
I will try different woods and colors to do personalized bachi.


Yay! I am glad that my post was helpful!


Thank you again ;) I did'nt dare to make one until I see your post !


Hey, seems to be a nice way to get a newer bachi (mine is broken… :S)
And the french link will be so usefull !
I think I'll buy one sheet and I'll see with my FabLab if I can do something more automated (with laser cut, 3D printing,…).
Thanks for sharing this !

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