Help identifying a Shamisen

Hello, I'm following the community for a while but I still don't have my instrument, I was about to go to japan to try buying one, but I found this:

And since I'm working in Manila at the moment, do you guys think its a good idea? What shamisen is this one? Does it seem worth it?

Thank you so much.



Welcome to Bachido, Gustavo.

Unfortunately, all I see on that link are guitars and the like. No shamisen to ID.

Perhaps you could upload the image to imgr or the like? I think there may be a linking error.


Hi Christopher, thank you for answering, I went to the link again, the shamisen post was removed there, maybe someone already bought it ;_;


Ah, that's too bad.

Well, if you happen to come to Japan, feel free to get in touch with me. I can maybe give you a hand in finding an instrument.


Alright!!! Thank you so much!!! I might need some guidance hehe

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