About the Shamisen

History of the Shamisen

A brief, rudimentary history of the shamisen which will, at the very least, allow you to sound smart at a drunk party.

The Birth of Tsugaru

How did this Tsugaru style of shamisen playing evolve?

Styles of Shamisen

Let’s learn about the four main styles of shamisen, including the Okinawan ancestor.

Care and Handling

Tips and tricks to keep your shamisen at it’s best.

Shamisen Materials

These are the main materials used for standard shamisen.

Chuko (Used) Shamisen

Factors to consider when valuing a used shamisen.

About Kyle Abbott (Founder of Bachido)

Ch 1: The Early Years

In order to learn the ways of Bachido, we must learn about Kyle Abbott, the founder of Bachido.

Ch 2: Building Shamisen

How and why Kyle learned to make shamisen.

Ch 3: The Awakening

Kyle beginning to discover the growing interest in shamisen!

Ch 4: Birth of Bachido

Returning from Japan, Kyle had to decide what was next for his life and the shamisen.


Tuning Your Shamisen

The three main tunings of shamisen.

Index of Songs

A list of the main songs in the Tsugaru Repertoire, with audio clips.

The Crash Course

These free online lessons will give you all the instruction you’ll need to start playing Tsugaru shamisen! Find them in the Lessons section of the site.