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About Doukake

The doukake is fitted on the side of the dou (body) where the arm rests. Cords are fed through the holes in the doukake and are tied to the nakagosaki (spike) and sao (neck) to keep it in place. For those who are fashion-conscious, the doukake adds the style!

Watch how to attach the doukake

Bachido Doukake- by Kyle Abbott

The Bachido Doukake is hand-lacquered with a super hard resin and glistens with a "dipped in glass"-like appearance. It is very durable and will keep your shamisen protected while looking simply stunning! Prepare yourself for the oncoming compliments! Includes faux-leather cord and Bachido Saofuki. (Your choice of color.) Check it out!
$74 USD

Leather Doukake レザー胴掛け (紐付) (DO-R)

Leather doukake look very classy, and available in many colors.

$480 USD

Nuri Doukake 塗り胴掛け (紐付) (DO-T)

Made in Japan, the glistening Nuri Doukake is expertly coated with high quality urushi. Urushi is the traditional lacquer of Japan and it’s application process is time and labor intensive. That level of craftsmanship is literally reflected both in the price and in the Nuri Doukake’s glorious sheen. Decorate your instrument with elegant designs with a lacquered doukake fit for a shamisen superstar!

Note: If you’re interested in this, please also check out Lacquered Doukake, hand-crafted by Kyle Abbott. Using a different kind of process, Kyle makes glossy lacquered doukake at a fraction of the cost. – http://bachido.com/store/bachido-doukake

- Manditory -
If you want a specific color or pattern, write it in the ‘Note to Bachido’ box when checking out and we will do our best to get it for you. Clearly state that your request (“Red with flower pattern – Lacquered Doukake”, for example) is meant for the Lacquered Doukake. This is very important in order to prevent ordering mistakes.

Please be aware that patterns may vary, and that complex requests may be more expensive and harder to fulfill. If you don’t have a preference, we will send what is available. Be assured that all lacquered doukake are awesome.