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Shabo (Original)

At Bachido, we constantly strive to make shamisen accessible and friendly so everyone can join in the fun! The accessibility we bring is not only learning materials and knowledge, but taking efforts to reduce prices of shamisen or find shamisen-like instruments so everyone can afford to start playing. Thus, it is with great pleasure that we’re introducing you to a fun and very friendly instrument made in Japan!

Think of the classic warm sound of a simple cigar-box guitar combined with the percussive & sliding qualities we love about the shamisen and combine them. The Shabo is the perfect way to start enjoying shamisen and getting a taste of what a standard shamisen is like. The Shabo is such a friendly instrument, it invites you to pick it up and play, no matter what the situation. Bring two Shabo to the coffee shop and jam with a friend!

What’s more, the Shabo is tons of fun for shamisen players as well! Maybe playing shamisen loud with the bachi isn’t appealing after a long day at work? The Shabo’s small frame allows you to recline on the couch, strike with a thumb-pick and practice your favorite songs or compose new ones!

Shabo (Deluxe)

The Shabo (Original) is very friendly and fun, but those wanting a shamisen-like tone might feel the sound of the Shabo’s cardboard box is a little too warm and soft. The Shabo Deluxe features an upgraded wooden body with a synthetic skin stretched on! This synthetic skin is called “riaru” (which is the romaji-ized word for “real”) and is a simpler version of Fibersen. The stretched synthetic skin gives a tone that is more similar to a real shamisen. Listen to it’s crisper tone in the video below!

Sporting the lowest price of any shamisen or shamisen-like instrument from Japan, the Shabo is the perfect instrument to start playing today!

Shabo (Original) – Choose a Paper Style

Choose the paper style for the Shabo’s box!

Plum, Navy Blue, Nippon Komon, Nippon Fan, Wakakusa, Sakura

Shabo Models

$89 USD

Shabo (Original) SHABO (SHBO_KA)

This is the simplest model. The soundbox is a simple cardboard box covered in a decorative paper.

Personally, I was very surprised how warm and pleasing this model sounds! When in a quiet mood, the tone of this shamisen is perfect for relaxing.

Includes: Wooden bridge, thumb plectrum, Fujaku (position mark strip), one set of strings.

Color Choice (See styles above)
Options: Plum, Navy Blue, Nippon Komon, Nippon Fan, Wakakusa, Sakura
Please write in your requested color in the order form!

$119 USD

Shabo (Deluxe) SHABOリアル (SHBO_PL)

This Deluxe model features it’s own unique style of synthetic skin which they call “Riaru” (meaning “Real”). Though different from Fibersen or Ripple, “Riaru” has a clear, snappy tone. When I’m in the mood for a brighter, livelier sound, this my favorite Shabo model!

Includes: Wooden bridge, thumb plectrum, Fujaku (position mark strip), one set of strings.

$8 USD

Shabo Strings SHABO (SHBO_ITO)

Like with any instrument, it never hurts to have replacement strings ready for the inevitable day when one eventually snaps! This set includes all three strings needed for the Shabo.

Note: The Shabo already comes complete with one set of strings attached to the instrument.

$48 USD

Bamboo Koma (Bone Tip) 先骨竹駒 (KM-TB)

Sound quality:
Clean and crisp. Bone tip brings a sharper tone, compared to the Bamboo Koma

Base – Bamboo
Saddle – Bone