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Historical/Informational Articles

  • Shamisen Origins: A brief, rudimentary history of the shamisen which will, at the very least, allow you to sound smart at a drunk party.
  • Styles of Shamisen: Learn about the four main styles of shamisen, including the Okinawan ancestor.
  • Tsugaru Origins: How did this Tsugaru style of shamisen playing evolve?

Instructional/How-To Articles


  • Shamisen Composer: Karl Hedlund's online tool lets you create your own shamisen tablature.

Shamisen Composer

Want to make your own shamisen tablature? Look no further than Karl Hedlund’s amazing Shamisen Composer!

Version 1 is here.

Version 1.1 is here.

(Karl, please feel free to edit this page with more info.

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