Donate to Bachido!

Like after being served a delicious Latte with beautiful latte art, if you feel like tipping your Barista of Shamisen, it is most appreciated!

Where your donation goes

Up until now, Bachido projects only costed time and energy. Because shamisen is a deep passion of mine, your positive energy in Bachido is the best donation! However, recent Bachido projects are starting to incur some monetary expense. Namely, web design costs for making new Bachido features and sizable production costs for making the new Monsters of Shamisen CDs. Being a new organization, Bachido's coffers are quite shallow, so I must dip into personal savings to pay for it all.

If you've enjoyed the service I've provided at Bachido—a free membership for access to shamisen instruction, accessories and community—and would like to contribute, be assured that 100% of donations go straight into funding new Bachido projects, making your favorite (and only) International Shamisen Society stronger and even more fun!


Kyle Abbott