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– The Bachido Creed –2023-02-15T02:11:22+00:00

This is the Bachido Creed.

Some shops will encourage you to buy expensive products, vaguely claiming that the cheaper one is “more difficult to use.” Their primary motivation is to sell their wares. Bachido’s primary motive is education. At the Bachido Store, our goal is to provide you with everything you need to begin/continue your shamisen experience. More than selling product, we want to ensure that you completely understand what you are getting and how to use it. Thus, the Bachido Store provides more than just high quality shamisen and accessories, we provide complete honesty and trust.

Where do the products come from?2023-02-15T02:11:22+00:00

All shamisen and accessory products are sent direct from Japan. They are all approved by Masahiro Nitta, who has high standards and attention for quality. All Bachido™ Products (except for ShamiSpoons and shirts/hoodies) are sent direct from Bachido HQ in sunny California.

Who is Masahiro Nitta?2023-10-05T14:24:39+00:00

Dubbed the “greatest tsugaru shamisen player in the world”, Masahiro Nitta is a true master. Masahiro found his talent with shamisen when he started in 1998, and won the National Tsugaru Shamisen Kanagi Competition in Aomori twice in a row in 2000 and 2001. In 2002, he won the 5th All-Japan Tsugaru Shamisen Contest. His father, Hiroshi Nitta, was the finest student of Gunpachiro II (who’s master was dubbed, “God of Shamisen” and is the standard for tournament style shamisen), and thus Masahiro picked up the strong foundation of traditional skills passed on from Gunpachiro himself. One of Masahiro’s unique characteristics is his strong interest in music from other cultures in the world. With his high proficiency of traditional shamisen and an ear for the subtleties of another culture’s music, Masahiro Nitta makes shamisen accessible to the whole world.

View the never-quite complete list of what Masahiro has done

How do I order?2023-02-15T02:11:22+00:00

As the customer, browse the store for items you are interested in. When you see something you like, click “Add to Cart”. When you have everything you need, simply go to your cart, click “Get Your Quote” and fill out the order form. After you’ve double-checked your shipping information, click “Submit your list to Bachido for a quote”. We’ll calculate your shipping costs and send you the completed form. When you are ready, you may send the amount via PayPal. Upon payment, your order begins fullfillment and will be sent directly from our favorite suppliers to your address.

I’m worried about sending money abroad.2023-02-15T02:11:21+00:00

“I’m worried about sending money abroad. How can I be sure it’s safe?”
We hear your concerns. Here is our answer!
All payments are made with PayPal, the safest way to send money. Your money can easily be refunded, or you can hold your payment if Bachido staff suddenly turn into evil demons. Until then, our policy is complete honesty and trust.

What happens if the shamisen or skin breaks during shipping?2023-02-15T02:11:21+00:00

What happens if the shamisen or skin breaks during shipping you ask?

We offer postal insurance for the case of items damaged/lost/breaks during shipping. If you notice that the shamisen or other items have arrived damaged, we ask that you take pictures of it and contact us immediately so we can see what happened. Please refrain from handling it, as a damage claims form may need to be filed. Afterwards, we will send you new items to replace the damaged ones.

I have so many questions! Who should I ask?2023-02-15T02:11:21+00:00

We hear you. “I have so many questions! Who should I ask?”

If your questions are shamisen-related, please post them in the forum, or in the Bachido Community on Discord! Many knowledgeable shamisen players and enthusiasts post there, so you will most likely get your question answered quickly and accurately. If your questions are regarding sales/ordering or “sensitive” issues, please write store(at)bachido(dot)com


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