Import Tax

Please be aware that Bachido is NOT responsible for covering import tax, and must be covered by the customer. Because import tax varies depending on the country, please check your country’s import tax and make sure you will be able to cover the cost of the tax as well as the items you are purchasing from Bachido.

Return Policy

As explained above, itomaki are not Plug&Play. They must be fitted for each individual shamisen, which means if a set is returned, it means it will most likely not fit in another shamisen. Thus, itomaki which have already been installed in your shamisen (whether professionally or home installation) are NOT eligible for refunds. I’m happy to help you fix issues (advice for slipping problems, professional repair), but I’m unable to offer refunds if you decide you don’t like the itomaki or accidentally break it. Refunds ARE allowed if the itomaki haven’t been installed yet. (For example, if you chose the home installation option but later decide not to sand them)

Your Responsibility: Turn with Care

All wood itomaki are very strong when turned evenly and with even pressure. However, they are weak when the hand exerts a sideways pressure while turning. This can result from unintentionally pulling downwards on the itomaki while twisting. (Case in point, I’ve personally witnessed a burly friend of mine break two of my Japanese-made itomaki due to carelessly yanking down while twisting.) These itomaki are just as strong (perhaps stronger) as Japanese-made itomaki, and you won’t have any problems if you are already experienced with shamisen. :-) This information is important for newcomers, as there are no refunds for snapped itomaki.

Your Responsibility: Home Installation

Bachido Elite Itomaki are designed to make home installation possible with only hand sanding. This is much faster and easier than fitting Japanese-made itomaki (which are much thicker and take hours to install without a lathe). And in that same way, it’s also much faster and easier to accidentally oversand, or sand unevenly. Home installation requires care and frequent double-checking (sand a bit, put the itomaki in the hole to check the fit, and repeat). If attention lapses, it’s easy to lose the correct taper or sand too much wood. If you decide to choose home installation, you are responsible for the fitting results. No refunds if you have poor results of home installation. A perfectly turning itomaki is a matter of skill/experience, not product quality.

Problems occur? Please contact me

While we’ve strived hard to make the quality of Elite Itomaki as high as possible, there’s always a chance something unexpected might occur (For example, professionally installed itomaki are loose, or the wood cracks on it’s own). If something like this happens, feel free to contact me at store (at) bachido (dot) com and share pictures of the problem. I’m happy to offer adjustments/repairs, and give a refund if there’s an obvious defect in the product. Note: Wood is a natural material and there is a chance it may crack if shipped to hot/dry climates. Because it’s something unforseeable, I’m able to offer repair (gluing cracks, repolishing) but not refunds.