Lacquered Doukake

The doukake is a hardened shell attached to the side of the dou (body) on which the arm rests. While it’s purpose is protecting the shamisen’s skin from sweat and the dou from wear, it’s other important duty is giving your shamisen an extra touch of beauty! There is no other doukake more beautiful and protective than Bachido Doukake, personally hand-crafted by Kyle Abbott!

Dipped in Glass

Each doukake is hand-lacquered with a super hard resin that glistens with a “dipped in glass”, mirror-like shine. It is very durable and will keep your shamisen protected while looking simply stunning! Prepare yourself for the oncoming compliments!

Bachido Lacquered Doukake fits ONLY Tsugaru Shamisen (Size 5 dou). Please do not order if you have a Nagauta/Beginner’s Shamisen or Jiuta Shamisen.

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