Japan holds a massive wealth of traditional folk songs, most of which were passed orally from generation to generation. Though a handful of catchy folk songs became popular, hundreds of beautiful songs remain in obscurity, known by only those who live in the prefecture from where the songs originated, or by the most dedicated minyo enthusiasts.

Certified Bachido Instructor Aki Takahashi (ten ten) loves singing and playing Japanese folk songs(aka The Minyo Collection), and has dedicated decades building an immense repertoire of traditional pieces. To encourage others to join in the fun of singing and playing, Aki has spent years video-cataloging her vast repertoire of rich and colorful songs! All of her videos (which are constantly growing) are listed here for your enjoyment. We hope these videos inspire you to play and sing them too!

Subscribe to Aki’s Youtube Channel! The Minyo Collection already contains an amazing amount of songs, but there’s more to come! Aki uploads new informative song videos to her Youtube Channel (1010sankaku). While Bachido updates the Minyo Collection with her newest videos monthly, please subscribe to Aki’s Channel for instant notifications to her freshest uploads!