Premium Acrylic Bachi

Handcrafted by the experienced hands of Bachido member Josh Curry, these beautiful acrylic bachi gives flexibility with a clear, snappy tone! Premium acrylic bachi are made from high quality acrylic with it's tang secured in a luscious wooden handle.

Replacement Parts

Whether your bachi is made from plastic, wood, or faux-bekko, the tips of your bachi will eventually chip. It happens with all bachi and is an expected occurrence for shamisen players. The chipped edges can be smoothed and rounded, but often the pointed tips of a new bachi is desired, and players end up purchasing a brand new bachi. This premium acrylic bachi is specifically made in a whole new way! If the bachi's tip gets chipped, it can be sent in for the fresh bachi blade replacement. No need to buy a whole new bachi again!


The Shamisen master Reigen Fujii is a huge proponent of lightweight bachi. If used correctly, a lightweight bachi gives a great tone while putting much less strain on the wrist. Typical bachi weigh around 150 grams. The Premium Acrylic Bachi weighs in at 60 grams.

Kyle's observation

The size and weight of the bachi is a real delight and the tone is very sharp and clear. With extended intense playing, I find it causes far less fatigue than a regular bachi. The blade is flexible enough to provide a silky smooth striking experience, yet feels solid enough to provide a strong tone. While the tone is naturally different than wood, plastic or faux-bekko, it stands up equally well and I enjoy it's tone as much as the other bachi.

The only area where it can benefit from future material development is with heavy tsugaru-style strikes on the ichi no ito. When sharply striking the thick ichi no ito, the tone is softer and more rounded than a faux-bekko bachi (which yields a harder tone). That said, it is specifically an aesthetic difference and I suspect this difference will be only noticeable for experienced players pursuing this particular aesthetic.
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Purchase your Premium Acrylic Bachi

Important: Please read before purchase.

Premium Acrylic Bachi

Bachi Blade Thickness: 1.6mm

(sharper tone, flexible, very similar to bekkou)

Bachi Blade Colors

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Premium Acrylic Bachi

Bachi Blade Thickness: 3.1mm

(warmer tone, stiffer blade, more colors)

Bachi Blade Colors

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Acrylic Bachi are built per order. Please allow between two to three weeks for construction and lacquering time

Return Policy

If you are unsatisfied with your Premium Acrylic Bachi for any reason, return it within 30 days for a full refund. (Shipping costs must be covered by the customer).

Note: At this point, returns/replacements are only offered for US domestic customers.

Replacement blades

If your bachi blade chips, you may send in your bachi to be replaced and refinished with a brand new blade. The replacement/refinishing service is $50/bachi, and shipping costs must be covered by the customer.