About Doukake

The doukake is fitted on the side of the dou (body) where the arm rests. Cords are fed through the holes in the doukake and are tied to the nakagosaki (spike) and sao (neck) to keep it in place. For those who are fashion-conscious, the doukake adds the style!

Watch how to attach the doukake

Bachido Doukake- by Kyle Abbott

The Bachido Doukake is hand-lacquered with a super hard resin and glistens with a "dipped in glass"-like appearance. It is very durable and will keep your shamisen protected while looking simply stunning! Prepare yourself for the oncoming compliments! Handmade in California by Kyle Abbott. Check it out!

Leather Doukake レザー胴掛け (紐付) (DO-R)

Leather doukake look very classy, and available in many colors. For Tsugaru shamisen only.

$78 USD