Raiko Itomaki

The powerful style of the tsugaru shamisen is said to have been inspired by harsh storms which the founders of tsugaru style had to endure every year. The storms they survived were snowstorms, yet that is not the only storm that shares a connection with tsugaru shamisen. The boom of tatakibachi (percussive bachi strikes) on the shamisen inspires the feeling of roaring thunder.

We all know where there's thunder, there's lightning. Turn your shamisen into the ultimate storm on stage. Introducing Raiko (Lightning) Itomaki, handmade by Kiju Kitamura in Japan! Where there's your thundering tsugaru shamisen, your Raiko Itomaki will bedazzle your fans and friends!

This set of crystal-like itomaki are outfitted with powerful LED units and a remote control that allows you to choose between 13 unique colors, adjust intensity, and even continuously fade from color to color!

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Important: Please read before purchase.

Raiko Itomaki (Set of three)

$ 299 USD

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Return Policy

Returns are accepted if the product was damaged during delivery, or one of the LED units is defective.

If this occurs, please write store (at) bachido (dot) com and we will discuss the matter with you to determine the solution. If need be, Kiju-san is happy to repair your itomaki.

For general returns to be accepted, Raiko Itomaki must be in brand-new condition. This especially applies to shaping the peg-end of the itomaki. Every shamisen is unique, so if it has been already fitted into your shamisen, it may not fit into another. Thus, we cannot accept returns if it was already fitted for a shamisen.


It's possible that the itomaki may have a few tiny bubbles inside the itomaki. Please know that these itomaki are all hand-made by Kiju-san. While he does his best to maintain a perfect crystal-clear result, sometimes bubbles form in the resin while it is hardening. However, it won't detract from the brilliance of the itomaki.