Tuning Devices

About Tuners

Tuning. Important. Those are the only two words needed. Basically, if your shamisen isn’t in tune, anything you play will sound funny (and not “haha” funny). There is no greater pleasure than a finely tuned instrument… besides deep-fried butter.

Pitch Pipe 調子笛 (CF1)

Wanting to tune your shamisen to a specific pitch? The hougaku pitch pipe emits a clear pitch for every tone from A to G. Those who have been using tuning forks, your knee will thank you!

$29 USD

Electronic Tuner 和楽器チューナー

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. Please don’t add this product to your cart.

Simply the greatest invention of the 21st century, besides the iWrench. Attach the tuner to the shamisen, strike a string, and the tuner will show you exactly where the pitch of the string is.

$56 USD