Shamisen Backing Tracks

Shamisen Backing Tracks

Backing tracks are a great tool in many ways. These backing tracks feature Kyle Abbott playing solo shamisen on three main min’yo (folk songs) in several speeds. The shamisen plays the verse/chorus and offers a special section for you to solo or improvise!

With Kyle’s shamisen maintaining a clear tone and steady rhythm, you have the support to practice and refine your skills. During the verse/chorus section, you can practice the main melody, harmony melodies and even chord work!

After the verse/chorus section, Kyle will play a repeating rhythmic phrase to give you space for soloing! The length of the solo section is exactly the same length as the verse. After the solo, the chorus will play and will continue with the verse.

Backing Tracks: (Notation Included)
Kokiriko Bushi
Hanagasa Ondo
Soran Bushi
Groove Time (chord track for improvising)

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