World Scales

World Scales

World Scales

We have a special treat today! Kevin Kmetz’s knowledge of world scales and avant garde techniques has made him a respected pioneer in the shamisen world. Today, Kevin will be sharing his knowledge and experience with you!

In this course, Kevin presents eight World Scales, including demonstrations and riffs to show the application of these scales.

  • Natural Minor Scale: God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
  • Major Pentatonic Scale: Aiya Bushi
  • Blues Scale: Baby, What do you want me to do?
  • Dorian Scale: _Scarborough Fair
  • Japanese Phrygian Scale
  • Octotonic Scale
  • Hanniagari (Kevin’s Original Tuning)
  • Whole-note Scale: Eclectic Jamming!
  • Lydian b7 Scale: We Are From Another Planet

On an educational level, this course is not to be missed. If you’re wanting to broaden yourself as a shamisen player, this course will be very insightful for you. And on a purely entertainment level, it is hilariously funny. Kevin’s difficulty in keeping a straight face made for a very entertaining production. For everyone’s enjoyment (especially my own), this course is filled with bloopers of Kevin trying his best to maintain composure!

I am having a GREAT time with the World Scales Course! Not only do the blooper reels make me laugh and lighten an otherwise mentally absorbing course up, but I am learning SO much! I wish I had learned about scales before. I never knew how to “jam”, but now that I know some scales, I can actually jam a little bit. —Lorraine


Chapter 27 - Octatonic and Whole Note Scales

Chapter 28 - Octatonic and Whole Note Scales

Chapter 29 - Octatonic and Whole Note Scales

Chapter 30 - Octatonic and Whole Note Scales

Chapter 32 - Octatonic and Whole Note Scales

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