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ShamiCamp: Tokyo (2017)
Posted in Concerts/Events by Kyle A.   Last reply Sep 13 by Sakura H.  
Forming a Bachido App Team!
Posted in General Discussion by Kyle A.   Last reply May 22 by Sakura H.  
Upgrade your tone - strengthen your wrists!
Posted in Playing/Techniques by Anne L.   Last reply Mar 9 by Grant (Shamisensation) R.  
Are the crasfpeople also players?
Posted in General Discussion by Sakura H.   Last reply 8 hours ago by Catherine T.  
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu knows about us!
Posted in Concerts/Events by Kevin K.   Last reply 11 hours ago by Sakura H.  
3D printing a bachi?
Posted in General Discussion by Maxine M.   Last reply 16 hours ago by Christopher B.  
Hiki vs Tataki Playing
Posted in Playing/Techniques by Ian S.   Started 17 hours ago by Ian S.  
DIY Faux Bekko Bachi
Posted in Construction/Repair by Chung Wan C.   Last reply 2 days ago by Ian S.  
Any people selling their shamisen
Posted in Store/Sales by Mark V.   Started Sep 16 by Mark V.  
Right Thumb Pain & Powerball
Posted in Playing/Techniques by Chung Wan C.   Started Sep 15 by Chung Wan C.  

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