Welcome to the pilot episode of the Bachido Blogcast! Please keep your expectations low, it’s nothing fancy.

Bachido, a new society devoted to the shamisen, was just a year old in March of 2012. In the beginning, all we had to offer was the free Crash Course, a humble forum, and a limited number of products in the Bachido Store. At that point, I thought Bachido could develop on his own with just basic education, community involvement, and easy access to instruments. But following the first year, an interested member asked about future plans. Admittedly, I was taken aback as I had no firm plans about what to do next!

I started a weekly video series called the Bachido Blogcast in an attempt to consistently deliver content to the emerging Bachido Community. The initial content  was simply any shamisen information that came to mind, or “Moments in Life” style episodes of what was going on in that time of my life. The Bachido Blogcast evolved into a charming account of life during a period when trustworthy instructional shamisen information was hard to come by on the internet, even if it took a few tries to discover a clear direction for the show as the episodes developed.

The Bachido Blogcast was greatly influenced by the community’s development, which also served as a forum for discussions, connections, and support. The program, which included performances, behind-the-scenes looks, and insights, serves as a historical reference in Bachido’s continuing story. Looking back, the Bachido Blogcast continues to be a symbol of the community’s development and dedication to promoting the beauty of shamisen. So let’s celebrate Bachido’s founding and evolution by stepping back in time with the Bachido Blogcast!

Every so often I am tempted to restart the Bachido Blogcast, but now that Bachido has found it’s direction, most of my time is spent either answering emails, repairing shamisen, and occasionally filming new instructional content. Sometimes novel shamisen-related moments do happen around here (or as I call it, “Blogworthy moments”), finding the time to film and edit such episodes on a regular basis has been the biggest challenge. Oh well, there’s only so much time for everything!