A New Wave

Due to various reasons, leather-making shops were recently shut down and the manufacturing of these traditional skins have stopped, sending a much needed shakeup to the shamisen world.

Shakeups from this and other material shifts have inspired much change in recent years, breaking the mold of what was once deemed fixed and unchanging.

Just a few years prior, there was so little interest or acceptance of new materials, despite the rising tide for change. Now that reality has come, many have woken up and are desperately trying to find, in this case, a new skin for shamisen.

Of course, those of us at Bachido have already been enjoying FiberSen (Advanced Synthetic Skin) for many years!

With a resonant and amazing sounding alternative to natural skin already available, the future of shamisen is already well-within safety!

Fibersen can maintain great sound quality in the rain!

As resonant as synthetic skins are, many musicians would still like the natural warmth and tone of a natural drumhead.

For this, we have an exclusive look at the NEW natural skin for shamisen!