Normally, these shaped itomaki pegs are so thick they either require a lathe or hours of sanding to make the pegs thin enough to fit in the zagane. Doable for a specialist’s workshop, but enormous work for the average person. To make Elite Itomaki easier for you to install, we’ve pre-tapered the sets so the fitting is 75% complete. All you need to do is sand the pegs and drill the string holes!

Requirements: Sandpaper (Grit #: 120g, 220g, 320, 400g, 800g. Add 1200g, 1500, and 2000g for higher polish), and drill (1mm and 1.5mm bits for itomaki holes)

Warning: Although Elite Itomaki are specially prepared to make home DIY installation faster, they still require great care (ideally with some woodwork experience) to ensure a perfect fit. Achieving the right taper is a delicate process, and it is easy to sand too much. If too much wood is removed, or if sanded unevenly, the itomaki will wobble and slip easily. Please understand this risk, as there are no refunds if this happens.

For complete installation instructions, watch this video.