In 2020, I discovered Ben Greenberg (founder of Greenberg Woods), an incredible fellow who is as passionate for woods as I am for shamisen. Just as I started my shamisen journey at age around 13, he too entered the world of woodcrafts early in life. Fueled by passion, he’s already amassed a over decade of experience and knowledge and shares it to the world.

Ben specializes in sourcing mastergrade woods, and most importantly, he does so with an eco-conscious mindfulness for sustainability. I’ve often felt a kindred spirit with him, as we both strive to make our passions accessible to the world and provide experienced education so folks can thrive with informed confidence (as there’s so much incorrect information online, both for shamisen and woodwork). Having had many long discussions with him and getting a deep sense for his honest business practice, Greenberg Woods became my primary source for Bachido Elite Itomaki!