Masahiro Nitta

Nitta san and I met in 2006, where we developed an instant friendship based on our mutual love of shamisen and desire to make the instrument accessible to the world. (I was 16 and Nitta san was 22) Soon after I founded Bachido in 2011, we partnered to make shamisen (both instruments and gear) easily available to the world. He initially fulfilled orders from his bedroom, and now has a staff helping him prepare and ship orders to Bachido members as quick as possible!
Because Nitta san and his staff don’t have a warehouse, generally they will procure items from their trusted suppliers once your order comes in. For example, If you bought an assortment of accessories on Bachido, Nitta san would call his suppliers and request those accessories. Once the contents your order arrive at his office, Nitta san and his staff will pack and ship your order.

Estimated Fulfillment Time: 2 Weeks

Recent update: In order to shorten fulfillment times, Nitta san and his staff have begun to stock more items in their office, and so fulfillment time should lower to one week more often. :-)
Occasionally certain items will be out of stock. For example, if the supplier is out of Bachi, Nitta san might need to wait an extra week or two for more to be made. Although fulfillment time can be as little as one week, they request a generally estimate of two weeks to accommodate the time of waiting for out of stock items. If you notice your order is taking longer than the estimated time, please feel free write me (kyle [at] bachido [dot] com) to request a status update and I’ll contact Nitta san asap!