Excellent question! The reason is fundamentally due to Nitta-san (who fulfills accessory orders) and Yanaka-san (who fulfills Tokyo Wagakki Shamisen) living a 15 hours drive apart from each other. We’ve tried ways of having them send accessories to each other to combine, but that resulted in overall higher shipping costs and longer fulfillment times. Thus, fulfilling Tokyo Wagakki instruments and shamisen accessories separately was the best way to get all items to their new owners. :-)

Shamisen accessories

We have prepared Accessory Sets to make it easy for newcomers to get their new shamisen ready to play. With that being said, the sets consist of the most affordable items with no color selections offered (our choice please!). There’s a wide selection of accessories available, and so if you are willing to take some time to hand select the contents of your set, you can choose the exact styles and colors you want and lock in the best experience! In this article, I’ll help explain what you need!